<aside> 🌀 Hello! I'm a software engineer at Vouch.io, and ½ of mmmanyfold

This is a meandering collection of experiences that don't neatly fit into a professional portfolio (which can be found at mmmanyfold.com and LinkedIn)


( h i ) s t o r i e s

+ Crash course — r/hiphopheads

I first learned to code by googling stuff like "website make an image rotate forever". Those were long nights spent giddy with wonder at what I could accomplish with (sloppy) html/css/jQuery, while during the day I wrote educational content for the Denver Art Museum's digital platforms.

My first websites supported DIY releases by underground rappers and producers who were just starting out, like me. We were all flying by the seat of our pants, dropping mp3 zip files and merch from scrappy animated websites I made by hand, and getting yelled at on Reddit when the download links stopped working from high volume (and I discovered Cloudflare out of sheer necessity). In addition to code, I learned the ins and outs of DNS configuration, how to work with clients, and that everything is figure-out-able.

As the artists got signed and I became a full-fledged Software Engineer™, these early sites got buried under record label management and my newfound awareness of SPAs. Now I'm here, digging them up like an archaeologist thrilled by dusty shards of clay.

Some personal web sketches that were also made during this time:

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